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We are ADBA registered, family kennel, located in central Poland. We breed American Pit Bull Terriers for more than decade. We raise these dogs with hearth, build and stamina of the traditional bulldog for legal working activities only. We keep our dogs as a family friends only.
We are not bred to sell kennels. We have available puppies only occasionaly. If You are interrested of getting dog from our kennel, please enter the "Puppy page" and read carefully all the terms.
We have been imported from USA our fundation, very well bred bitch, representing pure ZEBO bloodline. We hope that another good dogs will come to our kennel soon.

Important note:
From time to time some people ask me again and again: why this male/female doesn't look/act like your (Maximus) dogs...? So let me explain this subject a little, to avoid another question and misunderstunding some important cases.
First of all: I'm not responsible (and I don't want to be responsible) for these dogs, which don't come directly from MY breedings.
Second: Yes, I sell some puppies (never adult dogs) from time to time. I sell these ones, which I'm not able to keep or these ones, which I don't need to keep. I hate selling dogs, but I'm also a dog lover and my heart doesn't allow me to cull these ones, which I'm not able to keep. So from time to time some maximus bred pups are open for sale to other people.
Third: When I sell the dog it means also, that I sell all rights to him/her – I'm not longer responsible what his/her owner will do with the dog the same as I'm not responsible what way the dog will be breed. I can be only responsible for these breedings, which I make on my own. The same I can not guarantee a quality of these dogs/litters, which don't come from our own breedings, and they are not effect of our own selection – they are not Maximus dogs and never will be.
And finaly: please, try to respect that, and don't call dogs bred by other persons (even if they have dogs born in my kennel in their pedigree), as a „Maximus” dogs, please. Want a Maximus bred dog? You know where it can be found, so don't call some outcrossed ones by my name, cause they are not my selection, not my breeding plan – they are just different dogs (the same mentally as physically) than my own stock bred by me and kept by me. Just try to respect that, please.
Thank You.

We're strongly against any forms of animal cruelty and do not condone the use of any dogs or animals for any illegals activities!! No dogs bred, raised, bough, owned or sold for illegal purposes!! If this is what You are looking for EXIT NOW immediately and look elsewhere!! Don't waste Your time and ours!!