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No puppies available.



If You are interresting about purchasing puppy from our kennel, please, read carefully the terms below:

  • No sales (no mater puppies/adults) to Poland.
  • For Polish people we may offer only spayed/neutered puppy on adoption contract (or with necessary spaying/neutering point in contract). We may have such puppies ocasionally, not from every litter, and we, not You, will choose the one which will be available for spaying/neutering.
  • We do not sell puppies to any one under the age of 18.
  • I You have no experience with these dogs or haven't done Your research of the breed, please, don't contact us. This breed is not for everyone and they are in way too many wrong hands as it is.
  • We are selective about who owns our dogs.
  • WE DO NOT CROP EARS, so please do not ask us, how to do that.
  • No sales to people looking to fight dogs!! No sales to anyone who can't provide a quality life for these animals!! We only place dogs with people who can provide a living environment condusive to a long and fulfilled life for the dog and be a responsible owner.
  • We do not breed just to sell puppies or to supply and demand.
  • Our pups and dogs are handled daily and are raised with the best possible care and nutrition, as it should be!!
  • If You want to reserve a puppy from selected litter, we will need of deposit from You. If You want to negotiate amount of deposit, please contact with us.
  • DEPOSITS ARE NON REFUNDABLE!! So please think twice before You make a choice! Only in accidental cases, when there were no our faults (small litter, puppies only one sex etc) we will give You back 100% of Your deposit. Of course You may change Your mind, and take puppy of different sex (if there will be available) or puppy from another litter - it is Your choice then!
  • All pupps are dewormed, vaccinated, provided for microchip or tattoo, passport or health certificate (it depends of the destination country).
  • We can ship worldwide. Puppy's price do not include shipping costs, so please ask us for details.